Vehicle Tracking Solution

Perfect for companies with logistics & transportation operations, Easytrack ensures the monitoring and surveillance of your vehicles, drivers and products.

All it takes is a one-time installation and integration process performed by our dedicated team, feasible on any existing vehicle infrastructure and adaptable to any existing platform.

Used in different industries


Our solution can be used as a school bus tracking solution, providing schools or parents with information regarding the bus arrival and leave time all while tracking its route between pick-ups and drop-offs.


Easytrack offers a great way to optimize sales team and stock delivery routing and plan accordingly to lower your operating cost and allow growth for your company.


With our solution, adding sensors to your vehicles provides you the ability to track the temperature of your stocks during delivery, guarantying products' quality to your customers, respecting transportation and storing regulations within the health industry.

High-risk markets or regions

With Easytrack, you can monitor vehicles live locations and stops on a map. As well as protect your products stocks and drivers during deliveries. And, in case the vehicle gets stolen, remotely cut off the engine with a push of a button.

Highly regulated markets

Easytrack allows companies to be compliant with regulations, and put in place good driving behavior within their logistics. Monitor live drivers' behavior, through vehicle information such as speed, harsh braking and fuel consumption and receive automated alerts in case of any bad driving behavior.

Powerful Features

Optional features:
Monitor RPM, speed km/h, fuel level
Monitor status of vehicle: Passenger on board status, door open, seat belt status
Hood/Truck open or closed
Check engine temperature
Eco driving with pedal position, harsh breaking, acceleration, cornering
Remotely start or shut down vehicle 24/7
Seat sensors, temperature sensors, fuel sensors

System Benefits:
Track in a real-time the vehicles (geo-fencing using google map)
Driver behavior and score
View vehicle status & location live (Moving/Idle/Over speeding)
Automated Email/App notifications for over speeding (calculated via satellite)

Admin user benefits:
View route & stops at clients
View total travelled distance
For privacy concerns, create sub-users to track only assigned cars during a specific period
Fleet maintenance management
Add POI (Points of Interest) location, on map for accurate reports
Generate reports per vehicle and or per driver identify and daily/weekly/monthly history

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