Time Attendance

Time Attendance solution, developed by easysoft, offers a simple and cost effective way to track and manage working hours, improve payroll process and manage efficiently timesheets, attendances and monitor out-of-office employees.

It can also be integrated to any smart device and available platforms.

Downloading the application allows, to record Data (via GPS, WiFi, or cellular triangulation) and upload all the data to a secured server, to generate activity reports.

Straightforward Features

Company benefits:
Monitor online timesheets attendance.
Manage vacation requests and payrolls accordingly.
Geofencing automatically ensure employees are clocking in and out only at correct locations.

Field user benefits:
Simple to use
Easy no matter where they are, employees can clock in or out directly from mobile phones
Allows for multiple export options that save time
Simple timesheet creation process
Once entered Data is automatically update and available on PC and server

Office user benefits:
Automatically updated data
Easy to filter data, use filters to read data received from outlets
Share reports with marketing, strategic insights, sales dep census
Time off and holidays automatic calculation
A timestamp and GPS location is updated in real-time whenever an employee clocks in or out.
Automatic clock out to eliminate endless shifts when doing payroll Employees expense tracking
Integrated team scheduling

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