Taxi App

Taxi application, a solution developed by easysoft, for taxi companies to upgrade their business model to latest competitors trend and consumers demand.


Our Taxi application, offers great benefits to taxi companies, also a white label solution, customizable to any company identity. Add your company identity to our ready made solution, and offer quickly the service to your customers, with many benefits:

Propose to yours existing customers a great technological tool with advantages, safety, rating, tracking of ride, and facilitate the recruitment process of new customers via marketing promotion using the app.


Easy driver recruitment and user creation process, new drivers at the office will have to register, download app and provide legal required licenses and documents.


Data being available at any time for the company customer or driver.

Propose different method of payments, and share live notifications with your customers to secure the ride.

Our solution will help to have a better workflow with automatic car, driver allocation for each ride.


Gain better control over drivers fleet and taxi rides status with live locations map per driver.

Accompanying your company with its growth, in case of opening your business in new markets, create of new market in software and use the solution.

Provide clear and instant data reports at anytime, drivers locations, sales reports, customers spending and method of payment, increase sales and customers loyalty via our Taxi applications.


Taxi application, provides your business with latest technological tools and reports that helps maximize efficiency of your organization and its activities.

Taxi solution, will help you modernize your taxi company, offer to your customers a new way of interacting with your company via technologies.


Assign to each driver a ride, according to the type of car, availability, or location.


View rides, drivers list and live status, create a new ride, and give needed information about customer including locations to your drivers any time.


Optimize your taxi fleet, maximize time and drivers resources, to stimulate growth, by using Taxi solution, with its latest connected technologies and features.



One time installation, integration process, feasible on any existing infrastructure and adaptable to any existing platform.


User-friendly features

Customize our application to your company’s image and offer to your customers the latest tech trend in the taxi industry, Taxi app is changing the way companies manage their drivers, customers and business.


Taxi app, offers great benefits to users managing the solution at the office.

Users will familiarize easily with solution and will be hands on the full operation.

Simple creation process:

1.Create user for person in charge of running the app at the office
2.Set all app settings (automated alerts, messages, pricing, map for areas or cities covered)
3.Insert all information and pictures of documents to register drivers and their cars
4.Configure parameters in settings and allow the system to automatically allocate rides
5.View or edit all existing customers information by category, corporate or individuals (name, address, phone number, photo, email address, password)
6.Set all pricing parameters by type of car, region/area/city

Great way to monitor and organize your taxi company:

1.  Check rides and drivers live status
2.Monitor all rides on one map using dashboard
3.View drivers by availability by type of car or location , and assign rides
4.Create a new ride

Accurate reporting:

Prepare clear report and access key data at any time by customer or driver or region/area/city

The solution is user friendly and easy to user regardless of your driver age.

We have made the information well visualized to allow clear understanding of information.

Simple process:

1.Sign in
2.Create a profile
3.View drivers options (account, jobs list, history, reports, logout)
4. Access driver profile page

On a job:

1.Access Jobs page including info about current ride and customer
2.View live road map for the ride with best routing
3.Rate your customer after the ride


Generate reports:

Your drivers, can now organize their time, resources with clear reports.


Drivers will be able to have access at any time, to updated information regarding his daily, weekly, monthly rides, earnings and customers.



Offer to your customer latest tech tool, allowing them to quickly order a taxi from your company, with correct location details for the ride.

It is also, simple to download from IOS or Android stores, for first time users.

Simple process:

1.Sign in using one of the three ways to log in, facebook, Google or email account
2.Create a profile

Taxi booking process:

1.Taxi booking page gives access to customers to schedule a trip in advance or get an instant pick up
2.Schedule Trip: Enter locations departure, arrival on map, select trip details, one way or two way, date time, car type, number of passengers & method of payment
3.Receive confirmation of booking
4.Track your ride live while on its way, or contact him by phone

After ride:

1.Rate your ride and driver, and raise complaints in case of any
2.Access rides history page including info about current and previous rides


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