Tasks management 

Our Missions application, a task and time management tool developed by easysoft for companies regardless of their size, to use latest technologies to organize, assign, prioritize, monitor and manage, efficiently daily tasks of each individual within and across different teams.

Remove counter productive work, meet deadlines, improve time spent and costing.

Facilitate workflow, with better communication and collaboration among teams, for more efficient accomplishment of tasks.

Missions changes the way many industries operates.

IT/Telecommunications: Vertical organizations are adopting task management tools to improve digital customer experience.

Project planning: Our Mission solution, offers a way to plan, manage, and organize workload for a project, know what each team members is doing, which tasks have priority, assign and execute.

Manufacturing and production, apply optimal amount of resources and time spent on a task gaining smaller turnarounds in the production cycle.

Insurance, banking: Drive collaboration, teams work better when there is a good communication a clear repartition of tasks, with a clear understanding of what needs to be done communicated through a visual management solution.

Health Care & FMCG: Missions allows distribution companies to eliminate time spent thinking of what to do next or let them repeat tasks that where not completed correctly the first time.

Mission Solution, provides your business with latest technological tools and reports that helps maximize efficiency of your organization and its activities.


Mission solution, will provide you with real time monitoring of tasks and missions, of your team members in field or at the office.

Assign each team member to a department, view missions list and live status of each task, create missions for a technical user, and make all customer available information available to your team when needed.


Optimize your team management, maximize time and resources to boost profit by using Mission solution, with its latest connected technologies and unique features.


One time installation, integration process, feasible on any existing infrastructure and adaptable to any existing platform.  

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