Data Hosting Security & Safety



Our clients trust us with their Data security, and safety of the Data is at heart of our services.


In order to minimize Data security breaches risk, our security team know how to prevent and mitigate the risk of cyberattacks and we are mindful of the need to keep your Data secured on our dedicated servers at all times.


All our servers are placed in different secured physical locations.

Data hosting

Every business relies on optimizing data to make key business decisions.
All data form our solutions and clients, is hosted on our dedicated servers.
We can create a solution that will provide you with an automated analysis of your data, available in a comprehensive dashboards that provide key information once needed.
We use latest technologies, to enable creation of complex Data Mining and hosting.


Easysoft offers professional secured Data hosting, software testing, as well as, incident response and expertise in developing more reliable security for solutions.