Car Booking Management (CBM) solution


Car Booking Management (CBM) solution, is a car booking tool for car distributors, manufacturers, car rental companies, that helps companies, manage customers, reservations, track car availability, generate reports, and manage vehicles in a simple and cost effective way. CTDM is customizable, select your company colors, logos and add it to the solution.





Our CBM solution, offers to companies a low cost car booking tech tool, using only mobile devices. It also provides detailed report regarding customers activities, car activities data to offer a great experience to clientele. Add a reservation, select the model of the car and analyze Data, to increase customer satisfaction.


Downloading the application allows, to record Data (via GPS, WiFi, or cellular triangulation) and upload all the data to a secured server, to generate activity reports.


CBM solution, will help you better manage your car test drive or rental and related booking activities, for your customers satisfaction along with data analysis supporting tools.


An easy and cost effective solution to download and use on any smart mobile phone or computer, in just a few minutes.




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