PBX Billing system

PBX Billing system, by easysoft, allows to control Siemens HiPath PBX systems. The software provides database and web interface for management and control of billing. PBX billing systems is customizable, select your company colors, logos and add it to the solution.

Our PBX Billing systems, offers to companies full control of billing, for their phone services, with automatic generation of monthly accounting fee by clients, projects and lines by country.
Flexile billing, with each call cost calculation done by Artificial Intelligence
The Artificial Intelligence, calculates providers and trunks fees, and allocate a subscription fee by providers with possibility to issue invoices directly from the system.
PBX system, will give the company and its users, full Budget control over your phone subscription services.
PBX Billing system, provides your business with latest technological tools and reports that helps maximize efficiency of your organization and its activities.

Downloading the application allows, to record Data (via GPS, WiFi, or cellular triangulation) and upload all the data to a secured server, to generate activity reports.

PBX Billing system, will provide you with control over your service subscribers, service providers for all your projects, charging calls, call cost calculation, financial control, along with statistic data analysis supporting tools and reports.



One time installation, integration process, feasible on any existing infrastructure and adaptable to any existing platform.

Hands-on feature

 Take control of your phone subscribers charging service


  • Fully automated fees calculator
  • Fully automated fees generator
  • Generate invoices directly from the system
  • Data is automatically update and available on office PC and server
  • Full budget control
  • Full activities overview

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