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Direct Marketing & Sales Support Solution


Our Direct Marketing Sales Support (DMSS), solution offers latest technologies with great features for Stock & Sales management.

Stock & Sales solution, for industries with warehousing & logistics, Sales, Merchandising & marketing activities, and for any category of product.

FMCG products, our tracking solution offer a great way to control marketing and sales team routing, and plan accordingly time and resources, to lower your operating cost and allow growth.

Health care products, avoid all out of stocks situation with maximized planning, dispatch, routing and delivery to your customers.

You can select one or both, the warehouse management stock solution, and/or the Sales solution, for Sales & Marketing teams planning and optimization, according to company needs.

Stock solution:


Managing inventory is important in all aspects of a business; with an inventory management solution in place, your business will have many benefits.


Our Stock solution, can help you gain visibility across your entire supply chain.

Increase Sales with on time dispatch and efficient stock rotation.

It will, also shorten lead time, lower operational costs, and improve delivery performance of logistics team, with lower inventory holding costs and carrying the right amount of stocks. 


Increase employees efficiency, with less time spent on managing inventory.

Our inventory management solutions with real-time updates, will improve the flow of goods to customers.


Effectively decrease Stock-outs, increase Customer Loyalty, improve accuracy and efficiency.

Optimize the value of goods you have and increase inventory turnover by keeping fewer slow-moving products, while increasing your stock levels on profitable goods.


It offers, live access to products stocks, sales and Point Of Sale Material (POSM) available in market, including a Track & Trace feature, to be fully compliant with regulations.

Sales solution:
Our Sales solution, the right tool to manage Sales & Marketing teams agility, resources to keep up with latest customers buying behaviour.
Be prepared to have you field team, match your marketing campaigns and strategies, with latest consumer trends and tastes.
Optimize planning of your teams, with an automated route planning.
Monitor daily team routing schedule, time spent during visit at customers store, monitor competition Sales & Marketing activities in trade, availability of products, POSM status, branding, sales order.
Increase Sales team performance, by renewing contracts on time, maximizing availability of products in trade, increasing distribution, number of new outlets recruited, potential outlet, existing outlets using trade segmentation and monitoring features.
Increase Trade marketing activities coverage and marketing material available in trade.

DMSS, solution provides your business with latest technological tools and reports that helps maximize efficiency of your organization and its activities.

DMSS solution, developed by easysoft, will provide users with real time tracking of stocks and POSM, at warehouse, in dispatch or at customers.


Plan your orders in advance, manage your inventory, maximize distribution, shorten lead time, maximize visibility and product availability in stores.



Optimize your Sales & Marketing team in market, review sales each day, and renew contracts in time.


Manage time spent at customers, and allow growth, by using DMSS solution, with its latest connected technologies and unique features.



One time installation, integration process, feasible on any existing infrastructure and adaptable to any existing platform.  

Powerful features

 With custom insights and powerful features, DMSS solution, is changing the way  distribution companies manage Stock & Sales activities.

Warehouse manager

Our solution offers great benefits to warehouse manager users:

Receiving and delivering stocks, products and POSM 
Track & Trace: Creating a barcode for any stock (in market or/and at warehouse and new goods), Barcodes linked to outlets were unit is implemented
Transactions done automatically
Work online with clear list of forms including units in the system (goods receipt, goods delivery and others)
use an automated detailed inventory, updated automatically with any transaction (in or out)


Team managers

• Better planning for ordering products and POSM form your supplier

• Respecting audit regulations, provide auditors  with relevant information when needed

• Managing Sales & marketing teams as per  brand plans, to achieve Sales targets



Trade marketing

Trade marketing or Sale representative users:

Manage customers expectations on time and correctly, increasing loyalty and repeat order.
Instantly know stocks availability
Deliver stocks, products on time, in coordination with logistics
Implement and keep track of merchandising, POSM
Sales Solution

Team managers:

Check daily team routing schedule
Check operations during visit at customers outlets. 9time spent, competition monitoring, availability of products, POSM status, branding, sales order
Increase your Sales team performance, Time spent at customers Sales activities, contracts renewal on time
Trade marketing activities coverage by increasing distribution and/or availability of products and marketing material in trade
Monitor your sales team activities, number of new outlets, potential outlet, existing outlets using trade segmentation and monitoring features
Check POSM status in stock or in trade, item by item, outlet by outlet
Generate accurate reports allowing better decision making for corrective actions, team performance evaluation and faster approval process


Trade marketing or Sale representative users:

-Master existing universe, and possibility to expend by creating a new outlet and contact report, as soon as, first contact is establish
-Provide manager, with automatic daily reports of activities, time spent at customer, sales orders and more
-Provide detailed daily management of outlets segmentation, new, closed, active/inactive by category
-Monitor closely competition and their trade activities to channel the info to managers for proper strategy corrective actions
-Check contracts status for renewal on time
-Monitor and receive payments from customers on time, and as per payment terms agreed


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